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How do you think, is a woman a person? No! the Torah says. Wait, girls, do not worry. A man is also not a person. And why? Our wise men say that this is because a man without a wife cannot be considered a person in the full sense of this word. As the Torah says: “A man and a woman were created… and called a person…” (Bereshit, 5:2).

Let's go further. How to become the very single entity? To join hands? No, it’s more complicated... There is a wonderful Jewish tradition in its beauty - Chuppah. There is a custom to put Chuppah in the open air, under the stars. Why under the stars? And because “... and I will multiply your descendants as the stars of heaven...” (Bereshit, 26:4). Beautiful, isn’t it? Chuppah itself, incidentally, is the fabric (sometimes velvet, embroidered with gold, sometimes - just Tallit stretched on four sticks. Usually unmarried young men keep sticks, it is believed that it should bring them happiness in marriage.

And now imagine you’re standing under an improvised roof – chuppah, over you – is the starry sky, and then the groom takes the bride’s hand, puts the ring on her finger and says: “Here you are consecrated to me by this ring according to the law of Moshe and Israel...”… Yes ..., this is not “power given to me by the central district administration....”

I do not know about you, but on my chuppah day I really felt that I am not just on my own, but I am a part of a large family – the people. And that my forefathers – both far and close – are happy for me.

Of course, not everyone is invited for Chuppah, you must learn, discover the laws. To invite witnesses, a rabbi is necessary.

As a reminder of the fact that the people still reside in the diaspora, that we still have no Temple, at the end of the ceremony the groom breaks a glass... If you want to know more about this and other traditions, and possibly get married according to the laws of our forefathers, please contact: 13b Daumana str. (athletic complex “Dynamo” district). Call: +375 29 8521547 (mts).

I wish you family happiness! Let your house be a real Jewish home!

We will gladly assist prospective brides and grooms looking for a suitable pair to create a strong Jewish family.

Keren Volman


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