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Balanit’ sketches

I leave for work late in the evening, when it gets dark and first stars rise in the sky. I try not to catch the eyes of my friends, and those to whom I go “for a date” generally hide from the friends. We talk lowly so that not to known by our voices and try to separate as soon as possible. Such a crime story . But there is no crime here, I am not a receiver of stolen goods, I am balanit.

What is balanit needed for and what is the use of such mystique?

Religious Jews fulfill the commandment of married couple distancing during the days when a woman is niddah. Have you not understood anything? Let me explain. When a woman has the menstrual cycle – you can forget about the marital relations. But when does she become allowable for the husband? After she assures herself that these days are over and submerges to the mikvah.

Now, what is mikvah? It is a small basin with clean previously warmed water. Different horrors regarding “my friend saw a mikvah with her own eyes, and there was sludge and reeds, frogs jumping out of the windows” can be left for the profanes. Water in the mikvah is usually piped and is usually cleaner that in the basins, and it differs from the basins with the fact that due to several laws and special construction of such mikvah, it is ranked as of natural, “inartificial” origin. For example, like rain. Or an underground source. River, ocean, see… you can continue yourselves. A woman becomes allowable for her husband after she submerges to the mikvah. And he waits at home, suffers. Because he misses. Rambam said: “If a woman is cleaned up in the bath, even if all the waters of the world will spill over her, her status will remain the same as before washing…”

So what is this submersion? It is a process of spiritual transition to a state of ritual purity.

Each month (if a woman is not pregnant and is not nursing) such breaks are necessary. Nowadays medical gurus, after having held studies, insist that such distancing is very useful for health; religious Jewish women have a minimal percentage of internals cancer (it is understandable of which). And from the point of view of building a family, such distancing very well affects the relationship of husband and wife. This is because each month you meet as after separation. Do you understand? You miss your sweetheart even if one never left. (The percentage of divorces among the observing Jewish families is unreally small). And after submerging to the mikvah this “meeting” takes place. And balanit is needed for the “submersion” to be held correctly. And why whispering? So that no one would know that you are going to the mikvah, it is immodest, if a person on your way will understand, where, why… He will start thinking of different things… Do you need it? And why under the cover of night? So many questions at one time. Come to study, you will know everything.

Keren Volman


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