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Beit Israel

Warm Jewish House, Community “Beit Israel”  

Our community is called “Beit Israel”. In the holy language these words mean “The House of Israel”.

And indeed our community is a warm Jewish house. We celebrate holidays and Saturdays together.

A cheerful Jewish table. With favorite dishes. With old melodies from which soul swings open. With wise table talks and exciting stories. And, of course, with the unsurpassed Jewish humor.

Every weekday is a joint comprehension of ancient Jewish wisdom, through which our people could preserve itself for two millennia of exile. These daily meetings offer an opportunity to find close friends and discuss the innermost with them. To understand ourselves. To find our true place in the world.

People of different ages and backgrounds, united by love to their people and its sacred tradition come to our community.

And the community is constantly growing. Until a few years ago it was impossible to gather minyan - ten Jewish adults - for communal prayer. And now sometimes several dozen of Jews come to prayer. And if you need to read kadish in memory of close people, you can do it in our community.

Serious scholars of Jewish law from Israel and America often come to visit us. You can always seek for advice from them.

If you want to start a family - your Jewish home, the community is here also to help. You can make a shidduch - Jewish matchmaking.

Finally you found each other. Mazal Tov! The community can help you organize a Jewish wedding.

You have a son! This is a celebration for the entire community! We will help you organize brit milah (circumcision).

Gradually, we hope to build a kindergarten and a school where your children can learn.

And then - ... shidduch for your grown-up son. Wedding for him. Circumcision for your grandson. Happy Jewish life cycle.

Warm Jewish House.

Beit Israel

Rabby A. Kats


Tuesday, 18:30: lessons for men
Every day: individual lessons by previous appointment.

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