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The list of products

Azov confectionary:

LLC “Azov confectionary”

Azov confectionary is one of the largest enterprises in Russia in the sphere of eastern desserts production.

In the recent 15 years Azov confectionary became a modern enterprise equipped in accordance with the highest standards; products of this enterprise is famous throughout whole Russia, as well as in near and far abroad countries. More than 5,5 thousands tones of Azov’ production are distributed on a monthly basis and mind their customers.


  • Peanut brittle

  • Sesame brittle

  • Sunflower brittle

  • Made-dish brittle

  • Made-dish brittle LUXE

  • Fructose sunflower brittle

  • Fructose peanut brittle

  • Peanut halvah

  • Sunflower halvah

  • Sunflower halvah with peanuts

  • Sunflower halvah with raisins

  • Sunflower halvah with sunflower kernel

  • Sunflower halvah with poppy seeds

  • Tahini-peanut halvah

  • Fructose tahini-peanut halvah

  • Fructose peanut halvah

  • Fructose sunflower halvah Халва

Confectionary (Chocolate, Candies, Sweets, cookies, Flavors)


  •   Toblerone - Dark, Fruit & Nut, Honeycomb Crisp, Milk,Tinys, Tobelle (kosher style not is confirmed), White of “Kraft Food” company 

  •   Chocolate candies of “Storck” company - Merci, Toffife, Riesen, Werther's Original – all types 

  • Kraft Food - Alpenmilk Creme, Aprico & Quark, Cocos & Cookies, Coffee Cream, Cream, Dark Alpine Milk, Happy Cow, Hazelnuts, Honey & Yogurt, Knister Q, Lila Pause Caramel, Lila Pause Nuts, Lila Pause Strawberry, Luflee Alpine Milk, Luflee Yogurt, Mandel, Milka Alpine Milk, Milkini, Nougat Creme, Pistachio, Raisins & Hazelnuts, Strawberry Yogurt, White, White Coco, Whole Nuts, Yogurt

  •   Lindt - Mocca, Williams, Alpenvollmilch Extra, Amaretto Truffel, Bandeli "Collection Souvenir", Bloc (Chocolat Menage), Chocolat Truffel, Excellence extra cremig, Gancemandel, Ganznuss, Hauchdunn (Milch) Orange, Hauchdunn Milch, Herzen (Coeurs fins), Herzen Gianduja hell (Coeurs fins), Herzen Milch (Coeurs fins), Kirsh, Lindor Herb, Lindor Milch, Lunches "Collection Souvenir", Lunches "Peaks of Pleasure", Lunches (KInderartikel), Mandel, Marzipan, Milch extra, Milchkanne, Milchnuss, Napolitains, Napolitains "Swiss Premium Chocolate", Nougat, Pistazia, Pralines "Elegance", Shockoolade (surfin), Schokolade hauchdunn dunkel, Swiss Premium Chocolate Milch, Vollmilchnuss, Waffelschokolade, Excellence 55%,70%,80%,85% - pareve. Attention! Types Cognac and Marc de Champagne Truffel – are non-kosher. 

  • Mars - Bounty, Maltesers maxipak, Maltesers white, Mars, Mars planets, Milky way, Milky way mini, Snickers, Twix. Mars Nederland production only (halav stam)


  •  Storck - bonbons Ice Fresh

  • Production of confectionary concern Ozersky Souvenir (only with OU sign on packing).

  • Azov confectionary pareve: peanut brittle, sunflower brittle, sesame brittle; sunflower halvah, peanut sunflower halvah, fructose halvah: peanut, sunflower, tahini-peanut. Of any packing.

Sweets, cookies

  •  Cookies Walkers , having OU sign

  •  Production of “Osem” company, Israel.

  •  Eastern desserts Hazer-Baba, having OU sign

Sweet buns of “Via N” company (Pat Isroel), pie with dried pitted and halved apricot, homentash.

  •  Crackers “Ryvita” KLBD.

  •  Crackers “WASA” - Whole Grain, Light Rye, Sourdough Rye, Fiber Rye with sesame & oats – pat Isroel.

  •  Grain bars with chocolateCorny” with K sign and inscription certifying kosher style .

  •  Sweets of “Gran Pasticceria” series of “Loacker” company (Italy) with the inscription confirming kosher style 


  •  Vanillin “Dr. Etker”

  • Any baking powder is allowed for eating. It is necessary to check whether it has no other ingredients apart from soda.


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